Designer beachwear
Things were not always as we know them today; everything has behind its present shape a slow evolution process. Fashion and clothing suffered also a long and continuous evolution. Brands come and go, trends come and go but one thing is always present: the need to cover our bodies.

Designer menswear
Nowadays the way we look is very important. Most of are senses are stimulated at first by the things we see and this is why the exterior aspect became so important. In fashion, the most important sense is sight. That is why designers are very careful with their creations.

Designer Accessories
Accessories are a great way to improve the way we look and to add a touch of elegance or mystery on some occasions. The common accessories are: watches, purses, jewelry, hats, etc.
In the 17 century, accessories were very fashionable and women wore Kashmir shawls, hats and reticule handbags, which were like the purses women use today.

Designer swimwear
Each designer who creates swimwear strives to bring something new every season and sometimes, it is hard for us buyers to find the perfect swimwear.
When you want to go for a swim, you have to wear something comfortable that should not be too tight and stop blood circulation but not too loose either because you may risk loosing it in the water. If you are a professional swimmer you can opt for known brands like Nike or Addidas which are specially created to assure the maximum comfort.

Designer women’s wear
Throughout history, fashion played a very important role because clothes were not just objects, but they were also showing the person’s place in society. Nowadays fashion is still an important aspect of people’s life, especially in women’s life. Designers for women’s wear strive to create clothes for every woman’s taste.

Cerrone Jewellery
As one of Australia’s most successful and awarded jewellers, Nicola exhibits a passion about his jewellery that has attracted an equally passionate international clientele. With a focus on precious gems, from the coveted South Sea Pearl to Australia’s unusual pink, cognac and champagne coloured diamonds, Cerrone creates designs that enhance the character of each individual gem. Nicola was born in Lanciano, a small village on the East Coast of Italy, 180km from Rome. The Cerrone family immigrated to Australia when Nicola was twelve years old. After completing his secondary education in Sydney, Nicola became an apprentice to a master jeweller in Sydney’s central shopping district. Visit the Cerrone website Nicola Cerrone & Cerrone Jewellery

Jenny Hoo - Women's fashion
Fashion Designer Jenny Hoo - Women's fashion with a modern edge. Available from the Flagship store in Melbourne, or contact Jenny Hoo for an appointment to work out your wardrobe. Jenny is a regular visitor to Sydney with new Collections each year. Also at selected boutiques in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.

Akira Isogawa is one of Australia's most celebrated designers.

Hidden Secrets Tours
Melbourne’s reputation for shopping takes on a new light with Hidden Secrets Tours.

Marais is distinctly European. It aspires to the elegance and aesthetic of that part of Paris after which it was named.

Mariana Hardwick
Mariana Hardwick now has a city boutique just to showcase her ready-to-wear finery.

The Sambag label has grown from bags to include shoes, cashmere & also distributes delicious fragrances by Christianne Celle Calypso.

The Wardrobe Mistress
Your personal guide to shopping in Melbourne,

Where to Wear
Where to Whear - Shopping Guides to the world's fashion capitals -

Sophie Kyron Jewellery
Sophie Kyron Jewellery is created with a variety of materials including semi-precious stones‚ textiles, leather & vintage

Missy Confidential
Missy Confidential is devoted to you, our fashion and lifestyle loving friends - so you'll never miss a sale. We are committed to giving you the scoop on the hottest fashion, sample-sale, warehouse clearance, health and beauty bargains in your city. We'll also bring you exclusive offers and invitations on related events and products. If you'd like to request information on a particular retailer, label, or product, tell us here and we'll do our best to deliver! aims to be the UK’s leading authority on celebrity fashion trends and the most popular online fashion store in the UK.In 1999 an idea was born…celebrity inspired fashion at affordable prices. In the summer of 2000, (formerly asSeenonScreen) was launched. offers an extensive range of top women’s and men’s fashion, designer labels, lifestyle accessories and cult beauty brands at very competitive prices. The company prides itself on the consistency and quality of its product range, its ability to react quickly to the latest fashions and trends and the impeccable service it delivers to its is now one of the top 2 most visited on-line clothing stores in the UK and ships thousands of orders every day from its distribution centre in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Dorothy Perkins

Eshopone Quality menswear specialising in suits, dinner jackets and Wolsey clothing.

Marks & Spencer shopping from this leading high street

FCUK FCUK fashions, menswear, womenswear, accessories and beauty & fragrance products.

Giorgio Armani Designer clothing from the well known designer.

Paul Smith Ltd A range of clothes online, from this contemporary

Thomas Pink The finest shirts and accessories, for men and women, are available either online or from their UK stores in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland.

Gucci Designer clothing from the well known

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